Monday, April 26, 2021

Some observations on Supply-and-Demand

Actual title, Survival Sex during Spicy Times

A man came home from work to see his wife frantically packing her bags. Clearly, she was trying to leave before he came home.

"Whatchya doing?" he asked.

"I am leaving you" she replied.

It was really not a big surprise. Things had not been smooth during Covid.

"Where are you going?" he asked as he spied her plane boarding pass.

"Los Vegas" she said as she continued packing.

"Why Vegas. Got another man lined up?" he asked.

"Nope. Going there because prostitution is legal and it pays $100 piecework." she said.

Without a word the man pulled out his suitcase and started packing.

"Where are YOU going?" she demanded.

"Vegas" he replied.

"Why?" she asked.

"I gotta see with my own eyes a place in America where you can live on $300 a year."

OK, it is a joke but it illustrates that "Supply" can be very flexible and can be perverse. The woman is getting way more than $100 in-kind per intimate act in her current setting. In Vegas she would be getting less and would consequently have to produce more.

Dominican Republic

There are two rates for sex in third-world countries. There is the full-retail price paid by tourists and then there is the rate for locals.

According to my niece who visited the Dominican Republic twenty years ago, the going rate for sex for locals in the barrios around the tourist joints was half a bag of stale hamburger buns.

This is not to bang on Dominican Republic. I doubt that there are any substantial differences in between any of the third-world countries.

A typical case is an emaciated woman with an infant and a toddler. The one door of her shack cannot be secured. A john wanting sex shows up. The john worked in a kitchen at a resort and he picked up an open bag with four, stale hamburger buns as he left. A friend (or two) might hear him rutting and join him. Consent is consent. Policing is non-existent. It is what it is.

United States

We had a "temp" worker in one of our auto factories. She was fired because everyplace she worked in the plant experienced disruption.

Her supervisor told her that the process was to give her an exit interview before tossing her in the street.

She asked if it could happen after lunch because she had three "dates" lined up in the parking lot for the 24 minute lunch break.

I asked Eddie, the man who was sharing that information with me "How is that even possible. It is a five minute walk from anywhere in the plant to the parking lot. That means three tricks in about fifteen minutes?"

Eddie said "What she do, she doan take off no clothes." 

Use your imagination. 


She will get much skinnier if she expects to survive by selling her body.

Slightly exaggerating here, but every man between the age of 15-and-40 is capable of, and desires sex twice a day and every female between the ages of 12-and-65 can crank-out a job every 10 minutes for a sum-total of 42 per 8 hour day with an hour for breaks.

Twice as many suppliers as consumers, each one capable of cranking out twenty times more "product" than each consumer demands suggests a potential over-supply of 40X.

That does not bode well for the producers' pricing power. Once the supply exceeds the base demand by even a tiny percent, the prices will fall off a cliff.

Random observations

Sex will be so pervasive in Spicy Times that it will be the thirteenth donut in the Baker's dozen. It will be tossed in to sweeten the deal.

A gifted seamstress will command prices that are many times higher than the best blow-job in the world. Spicy Times will be hard on clothing especially since so much of what is in closets is not suitable for hard work.

In the Dominican Republic, the hungriest babies were the ones living in the shacks the furthest way from the resort kitchens. Johns would not walk an extra fifty steps if they could have their needs met closer.

We consider "women having agency over their bodies and partners" to be a fundamental fact-of-life. Women have no agency in environments without robust policing. The average working man has three times the upper-body strength of a typical woman. Even the most skilled at martial arts will fail when confronted with multiple aggressors in a confined space.


  1. Widespread feminism is only sustainable when civilization thrives. And it has to be a particularly tolerant type of civilization.

    From what I observe, it also tends to destabilize the civilization that it resides in, and so sows the seeds of its own destruction. I'm always astounded that the Leftist feminists are so compliant on the topic of immigration of people from cultures that are aggressively intolerant of feminism.
    I think the term for that is "suicide pact."

    1. Equally puzzling are affluent, young women fighting to abolish the police and proven methods of dealing with criminals.

      They point to the fact that the methods aren't perfect.

      Thugs are going to be thugs.

      Unfortunately, they cannot point to anything that works better to replace the institutions they are fighting to abolish.

      They think they are going to "love them" into compliance.

    2. In my experience, a large percentage of western women think that humanity is one large kumbayah family in which every one needs to be cared for. It's the mothering instinct gone mad, lacking the perspective of harsh reality. Third world women seem to have better sense. Real education is the ability to learn from others mistakes. Too many western women seem immune to that education. As much as I hate to say it, it makes me wonder about the wisdom of women's suffrage and it's long term impact on our government.

    3. You are well behind the 8 ball if you still wonder about women's suffrage.
      Aristophanes had it figured out 2500 years ago.

      I read recently, can't recall where, that the TV show "Survivor" took a bunch of men and women to an is;and, segregated them and left them to do their thing. The men did fine, fire, water, food, shelter. After several disastrous days a couple of the more attractive women cleaned themselves up and went to the men's camp ready to barter.

  2. Read Kratman's Caliphate for a great example of how, over time, feminists undermine themselves and lead to their own slavery...

  3. I paid once in Amsterdam. Curiosity.
    I still feel diminished.

  4. The saying goes that men have sex with WHO they can, women have sex with who they want. The corollary being that men marry WHO they want while women marry who they can.....IF they can.

    Women are the gatekeepers to sexual access. Men are the gatekeepers to COMMITMENT.

    In Venezuela....the most RECENT place to foolishly experiment
    with socialism.....doctors are now working as prostitutes in
    order to keep from starving. Females selling themselves for
    survival is a story as old as humanity.

    1. A critical point is that it takes inputs to be a doctor: a license, drugs, imaging, diagnostic tests, lights, sterile supplies, a save examination room.

      Prostitution does not even require that the prostitute be a woman. The only barrier to entry (to use economic terms) is lack of willingness.

      The doctors are not prostitutes because it pays so well. They are prostitutes because it pays something and there were no barriers to entry.

  5. In a society with functioning law and order, women can do quite well selling sex. The act itself generally requires her to be alone with a man, who generally are more powerful than women so if there are no social constraints, some men will merely take what she is trying to sell. In a society without functioning law and order, a woman seeking to sell sex will require protection from a pimp or gang.
    Sex will always be worth something. In the US, even the largest land whale of a woman can get a roof over her head by selling access to her vagina. If you don't believe me, go to the local homeless shelter and look at the proportion of men to women. A woman's vagina is her last resort "get out of homelessness free" card. Also, society treats women very differently than men. When men fall, they are expected to pick themselves up. Friends might help once or twice but men are expected to be men. When women fall, even repeatedly, everyone helps them up. It's funny that no one ever mentions "vaginal privilege" but it is a very real thing.


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