Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Fine Art Tuesday

Today's artist is Melik Brown of Lansing.

He lives in Mom's neighborhood.

I was walking the dog when I saw him open his garage door. I saw an easel. I asked if he was an artist.

It was his father's easel. He showed me some of his father's paintings. Sadly, most of his work had been lost in a house-fire.

Then Melik told me he took photographs. He added that he would paint but he lacked his father's ability to render the picture in his head onto the canvas.

His father started painting while deployed in Vietnam. One of the surviving pictures is a self-portrait of his father standing behind a table of jack-fruit at an open air market.

Melik grew up on Oscoda, Michigan when it was home of Wurtsmith Airforce Base.

So, as a favor to a home-town guy, I present a sampler of his work.

These images and many others are available HERE.

The best way to contact him to purchase high-quality images is to shoot him a text at (five-one-seven) two-eight-five four-two-two-four

This is my favorite. NEVER give up.



  1. I love the old, falling down house.

    We see a lot of those around here, and I always wonder what the story is behind them.

  2. That is one persistent tree! :-)

  3. Msg to Melik- when was your dad at wurtsmith and where did he work? I was there from 1974-1980, mostly in the Civil Engineering Squadron. Tsgt Joe


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