Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Only 24,998 more to go

Proof positive that you can teach a mature fox new tricks.

Mrs ERJ learned to take "selfies" yesterday. It is said that the typical woman takes 25,000 selfies in her lifetime.

She boarded a plane to go visit her sister. She sent the gentleman who will be transporting her from the airport a couple of pictures so they would not miss in the airport.

Covid shot

I got my second one today at 3:30 from a National Guard, Airborne medic.

I expect to feel like crap-on-a-shingle in a few hours.

I may need a mulligan on my blogging until I am back up to snuff (and can figure out how to touch-type with an extra hand).


  1. I hope you get feeling better quick with no lingering side effects. ---ken

  2. Replies
    1. It is a wonderful thing. When I flip you the bird it isn't just stereo...It is SURROUND SOUND!

  3. Trip was made with no problem, easily recognized her! :-)

  4. I'm thinking about that third hand, perhaps three fingers, and two thumbs.
    That way you could match it up with either of your regular hands depending on the need.

    And just like that terminator flying the copter in T2, a triple handed reload would be wonderfully fast and smooth.

    Changing one's clothing to accommodate the third hand would be pricey, but adding a third cuff to handcuffs should not be a big deal.

  5. I'm not vaccinated, I'm in the control group of this experiment.
    They did tell you it was an experimental vaccine, didn't they?


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