Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Keeping my eye on the ball


Average number of deaths-per-day of 65-to-infinity aged Michigan residents by specific causes of death Source


Michigan has approximately 1.7 million residents age 65 and older.

I pulled the cause-of-death data for that age group for years 2015-through-2019, inclusive. That is, the five most recent years NOT impacted by Covid-19.

Here is the tabular form of the data.


"Ischemic" is related to an inadequate supply of blood to a body part, usually created by a blockage like a clot.

In some cases the data is lumped together since I did not think readers care about which particular region of the heart got nuked by a clot. Risks and prevention are the same regardless of region.

In other cases I tabulated the non-aggregated causes. An example would be the Malignant neoplasts (cancer) of specific organs since risk profiles for various organs can vary significantly by specific lifestyle choices.

One item that made me chuckle was the Cause of Death listed as "Accidental drowning and submersion" although in retrospect Intentional... shows up as a suicide or homicide.

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