Thursday, April 15, 2021

Buried in the dusty footnotes

I have not seen anybody suggest that the crowd of angry people milling around Chauvin and Floyd may have contributed to the unfortunate sequence of events of that day.

One reason Chauvin might have chose to execute and maintain the knee-on-neck posture is because it offers a balance of "controlling the person arrested" and "situational awareness of a hostile crowd".

While some say Chauvin had no reason to keep Floyd subdued, Floyd had been unpredictable and as one of the arresting officers, Chauvin had a responsibility to keep (irrational) Floyd from darting into traffic.

Chauvin also has a responsibility to not let himself be beaned in the head with a brick.

The videos clearly show Chauvin paying more attention to the gathering crowd than to Floyd.

I just want to commit the thought to the internet before it evaporated. Perhaps the self-righteous crowd contributed to the unfortunate event. Something worth thinking about.

Stay away from crowds.


  1. In a similar vein ...

  2. Yep, DON'T be where bad things are happening, because 'other' things might happen too!

  3. That's some really good food for thought.

  4. Stay away from crowds - as some famous person said many times.

  5. 1) Do what the cop tells you to do, even if it angers you.
    2) Live to fight another day. Or steal or whatever.

  6. You never fight a cop on the side of the road. You let your attorney do it in court.


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