Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Roofs and events that cluster

The guys (2 of them) finished off the roof except for the vents.

They were hampered by an early morning shower, high humidity and high (for Michigan) winds.

We are in the home stretch.


I am disappointed that Biden did not outlaw red meat.

I figured that every woodchuck would be worth $100 (after making adjustments for inflation), every rabbit would be worth $30 and who knows what I could get for each raccoon and possum.

Holding my breath

Suicides run in clusters.

Have you ever noticed how one person yawning during a dreary training session will result in a ripple of yawns across the entire room?

"...the fracture appears to originate at the base of the letters "E" and "L" of the metal stamped part number..." Source

It like a scratch on a smooth surface where stresses amplify and from that scratch a crack grows and then the part snaps.

What was behind an opaque curtain pops out and becomes fully visible. What was unthinkable (or unthought) becomes a fascination, like a tongue probing a newly lost tooth.

For the crack to grow or the yawn to spread there must be underlying tension.

The absence of broken cam shafts or yawns is not definitive evidence that there are no underlying tensions. Rather, it could be evidence that a triggering event has not happened. Yet.

If I were I a prominent politician in a state that had implemented repressive policies to slow the spread of Covid; and if there were no body of evidence supporting the efficacy of the painful measures I had gleefully continued to inflict...I would pray that nobody made that first yawn.

Many times, the difference between "suicide" and "homicide" are vanishingly small. Clusters.

Please forgive my oblique and round-about way of discussing these concerns.


  1. Please forgive me for sticking my nose where it doesn't belong. You may call it clustering. I think it may be contagious. One person is depressed and does something final. Everyone around them thinks,"If only I'd done..., then they are starting into depression. I remember reading about a song from decades ago that was stopped being played on the radio because some thought it had something to do with clusters around when and where it was played. Keep a close eye on Bella and suggest she may want to keep a close eye on her friend.

  2. Stresses WILL be relieved one way or another.

  3. Stresses WILL be relieved one way or another.

    1. Back when I was a young dough brain, I invented a silly mnemonic to aid in remembering a (sometimes not so) simple process; Stress before strain, I'll say it again.

      There exists a finite time to remove or reduce the stress before *snap* occurs. Figure i

      Resolve quickly or watch what unfolds, usually at an inopportune time. Catastrophic in a number of ways.

  4. The example that I like is a disturbance to super-cooled pure water. It is fascinating to watch.
    Re ambiguity of suicide and homicide, a dangerous topic to discuss within earshot of Ma Clinton.


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