Sunday, April 25, 2021

Daily report

The roofers got a lot done today. I expect them to finish tomorrow.

I will be overjoyed to have the freedom to jump in the truck or go for a run. 

Mostly, I have been "available" which means I stayed in the house and over-ate. I am starting to get that Covid weight-gain thing.

I knocked out a couple tiny house projects. A few months ago one of our under cabinet lights puked. I replaced it with a unit from a Big-Box store. The new unit had a tiny switch that was difficult to see tucked up beneath the cabinet. It was easier to turn on by plugging and unplugging.

Today I drilled a 1/2" hole through the cabinet over-hang and spliced in a push-button switch. It works but the switch is high effort.

The other side project was to fix the ceiling fan/light in Belladonna's room.

It required dusting the blades and screwing the bulb back into the socket. Somebody had removed the bulb but left it in the globe. Fixed and fixed. That was an easy one.

I also got next week's fiction knocked out.

Other than that, it was a day of doing nothing and going nuts.

On the agenda for the coming week is two days at Mom's. Get the septic tank pumped out (or get it scheduled) and drywall the ceiling of the kid's bathroom.

I have been holding off on drywalling until we had our roof leaks eliminated. The asphalt shingle roof was 20 years old and the roof vents were not the best. The only leaks were are likely to get now are from ice dams and word on the street is that steel roofs shed snow and ice dams are unlikely.


  1. There is a need for restrictions on steel roofs to keep ice slabs from sliding off onto unwary bystanders.

  2. Roofers are finishing up my standing seam style metal roof, today. Twice as expensive as shingles, but my wife and I really wanted it. it would need a new roof again before we, probably would be dead, anyway. We will have ice guards on the 12/12 sections of roof.


  3. I am VERY happy with my metal roof.
    Especially free from concerns about hail which are hell on shingles!
    My metal roof- just under a year old- came thru the 2020Aug Derecho wonderfully- I was in the #2 blasted zone on IA-IL border-dead E of Cedar Rapids. LOT of tree debris impacts- but nothing left a mark. (granted- nothing HEAVYBIG) came down on it. My tree pcs- landed next door and beyond.
    I wanted to point out 3 owner experience things to factor into your project.
    1) as Ed said- consider WHERE material sliding Lands. side walk, mailbox, or entry door?
    2) As to ice dams- if your attic is well insulated, heat loss may not easily slide the material off. (Pitch is a factor too of course :)
    2019-20 season all smoothly slid free. I have a lesser pitch, but not wet navigable lol.
    2020-21- the weird pattern of mucho wet first, then very cold and more snows... I have a valley on front. The corrugations- left enough impedance- until the weight built up- when it started to slide, acted like two glaciers running into each other, (interference!)
    It never did slide off till final melt. Home is 1950, all fir- I was not overtly worried, but I did some poke and pull from edge, but of course, to be effective, you must be at the Valley- where ice Dam had latched onto those ridges. Was not possible, as the release woulda tossed me to ground off ladder and landed on me. As seen via youTube idiots ;)- No thanks!

    3) OTHER stuff under the eaves- getting hammered by wet debris?
    A) Central Air Conditioner unit and the LINES in. I created a beefey shroud to set over it for Winter. Will support several hundred pounds. this last winter gave us WAY more standing pileup. All good due to forethought!
    B) Same situ- external Gas Meter. If it gets buried, the safety vent of unit- will shut the gas off. BAD situ if ya aren't home. (froze pipes will flood a house etc).
    Best Regards! nwIL
    ps: Really really enjoy your blog here. So many tangents! Thank YOU


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