Saturday, April 24, 2021


The post from the Bayou Renaissance Man resonated with a lot of readers particularly this line:  

They, unknown to me, told half-a-dozen other families to come too - "He's a good guy, I'm sure he won't mind!"

I think the best answer is to be very up-front with people (if any) you invite to share your space.

"If you show up with an uninvited guest then neither of you are welcome. You can find someplace else to squat."

"If somebody shows up later and claims you invited them...and you admit you are both out on the street."

"I am a total, cast-iron prick when it comes to protecting those closest to me. I will not let ANYBODY jeopardize that...not my cousin or my neighbor or even my son or daughter."

"Never make the mistake of thinking I am a 'nice guy' or that your opinion of me matters even the least, little bit."

And be perfectly clear in your head that you WILL toss your son or daughter out in the street without hesitation if they are the ones drilling holes in the bottom of the life-boat.


  1. When people, usually relatives from south of here, say "I'm coming here when TSHTF" I say, OK you will be welcome but you have to bring along a one year supply of food for each person or I will treat you like any other intruder. I'm not going to starve because I shared my food with you and ran out. So one year per person in the truck or you won't be staying. ---ken

  2. Read Farnham's freehold by Heinlein

  3. An aquaintance remarked recently that "if SHTF I'm coming to your house" when he happened to notice a closet full of canned food (my version of Kubota left the door open).

    I asked him whether he would prefer to die peacefully, if hungry, at home with his loved ones or violently on my front lawn.

    I handed him a copy of this week's grocery store ads and pointed out "these people have lots of food on their shelves and are anxious to sell it to you. That's a hint."

    We will have to shoot some people before this is all over. I hope they understand why, but that's not my concern.

  4. I had one relative surprise me by telling me I was their backup location. I told them they'd better have a month's worth of food, first.


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