Friday, March 30, 2018

Easter is April 1st

I got a frantic call from Deacon Duncan up at the church this afternoon.

Deacon is responsible for running the Easter Egg hunt on Sunday morning.

The snow finally melted and he got around to scout out the grounds.  Much to his horror, neighbor dogs have been using the church grounds for their own personal bathroom all winter long.

Deacon is a bit long-in-the-tooth for raking and bending over and picking up what must have been a thousand doggie calling cards.

I am usually the first person Deacon Duncan calls when he has a project like this.  I think he calls me because his conscience is at ease knowing that I am spry and am gifted at finding the easiest way to do any particular job.

Fortunately, I have to pass a Walmart on the way to church.

By the time I get done the parents won't be able to see a single doggie poop!  I promise.

(Hat-tip 24hourcampfire)


  1. Ohhh those cute lil Easter Egg hunters are going to be real surprised for sure. And their parents too.

  2. Best laugh I've had all day!