Friday, April 16, 2021

Prices of agricultural inputs

I had a shock today. I went out and purchased shelled corn and tried to buy medicine to treat coccidiosis.

Amprolium is unfindable locally. Amazon promises it will be restocked on May 1. eBay is almost out. That is a problem because coccidiosis can be a fast-moving disease. I ordered from eBay with delivery expected next Thursday. Plan B is to feed extra calories to make up for the intestinal issues.

So off to the grain elevator I went. Corn is $16/hundred pounds and five hundred pounds set me back $85 after paying sales tax. Ouch.

The supply-line shock waves are far from over.


  1. Have you checked lumber prices lately?

    And what is Coccidiosis? Sounds like something you get after entertaining the "popular" girl behind the bleachers after school.

  2. Paramecium. Eats the lining of intestines causing scarring and opportunistic infecrions.

  3. Just gonna get better. You might want to get some winter wheat to plant next fall and maybe some oats for this spring while the gettin's good. Did you check out fertilizer?--ken

  4. Not good, but I remember worse - about a decade ago deer corn here was $11/ 50 lbs.
    Animal feed seems to go up and down alot - I'm more worried by construction material prices. When I was in Lowe's last weekend, 250 feet of 12/2 romex was $270. A year ago it was $61. Fortunately I have 1,000 feet of it and no near term plans for it...


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