Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Springtime is moving in leaps and bounds

Kubota's Covid test came back positive.

The woman at the lab called me because I am Kubota's back-up contact number. Kubota was not answering his phone.

No, she could not tell me the results. HIPPA and all that.

"He lives in my house. I take care of my 89 year-old mother. Seems like you ought to tell me."

She wanted to. But she couldn't. "Just roust him out and let me talk to him."

"He isn't here. He is out running around" I said.

Fifteen minutes later we got a hold of Kubota and he called in. Yessiree-bob. Positive. I suspect the woman at the lab gave Kubota the rough edge of her tongue...running around while awaiting test results.

The chessboard at this moment

Belladonna is 24, had her second (booster) dose of vaccine about a month ago and has no underlying conditions. She is close to bullet-proof but she is none too happy with her brother. Bella's place of employment says that if she has had both shots and no symptoms that she can continue working.

Mrs ERJ had her second shot about a week ago. Both Mrs ERJ and I are getting to the age where the mortality rate is bending upward ever-so-slightly. Mrs ERJ weighs within a few pounds of what she tipped the scale at when I married her. She is physically fit, takes vitamins and is in good over-all health. Oh, and she is a woman.

I had my first shot three weeks ago. I am forty pounds above my optimal weight but I am more active than some.

Kubota is 22 and is overweight. His diet is horrible. Since he is the guy who actually tested positive, he is the one who is at greatest risk. I picked up one of those finger O2 sensors so we can keep an eye anybody who might get Covid.

Clearing the deck for action

Mrs ERJ found coverage for our slots for caring for Mom for the next two weeks.

I have jury duty this month...guessing I won't get tapped for the next ten days.

My second Covid shot is scheduled for a week from today. Not sure how that will play out. It may depend on whether I have any symptoms or not.

My panties are in a wad regarding seed potatoes. We run an account there and maybe they will let me buy them over the phone and they can pitch them into the back of the truck while I stay in it. Otherwise, I need to find a friend to run down to the elevator and pick up a selection for me. I am thinking it will be Fast Eddie.

We are good for food, water and the other necessities.

Other news

Two of our three apricot trees are blooming. They hum like a Greyhound bus going 70 over smooth pavement. Every size of bee is buzzing about them.

In a similar vein, Mason Bees are thick around our woodpiles.

The temperature kissed 80 today. Bella stretched a hammock between a couple of trees and studied outside.


The four calves are in the four, back-paddocks. Millie, the "ginger" who looks like 100% Hereford was a stinker.

The other three cheerfully trotted to the new paddock.

Millie took a little more convincing.

I stretched the hose to fill their water for the first time this year. While I had the water running, I filled our two, IBC cubes.

General BS

It is my belief that the loose cannons are the people in Kubota's demographic. It would be interesting to run simulations regarding the effect of first vaccinating the Wedgie Stuberts first and then the little-old-ladies who have little contact with others rather than the other way around.

From one perspective it makes the most sense to vaccinate "the most vulnerable" even if they are house-bound and are in contact with almost nobody. And from a different perspective it makes the most sense to vaccinate the ones who are most likely to be super-spreaders.

One way or another, we will get herd immunity. Actual cases of Covid for the bone-heads and immunizations for many of the higher-risk groups.


  1. Hope that you, Kubota, and all the family have no to mild symptoms if any with quick and easy recoveries. Take care.

    1. Kind of looking forward to losing my sense of taste. I might win a few Habanero chili eating contests at the Twist-n-Shout.

      Bella informed me that I never had a sense of taste. She makes the outlandish claim that different kinds of plaids don't match. Girls!


    2. As I mentioned my wife sense of taste has taken a hit from covid. We are four months into that part of the problem. She can taste sweet(not details just sweet). She also gets HOT. Since the chemical that gives heat isn't an actual taste but a pain response, you may wish to rethink the contests. YMMV

  2. Hopefully y'all don't come down with it. And yes, he's stupid to be out running around... sigh

    1. Even if I do, I expect it will be mild. More worried about Kubota than about me.

  3. Were the "vaccine" a real vaccine that you know, prevents you from contracting the disease and protecte you from passing it on, then i might risk taking the shot.

    But that is not what these shots do. They mitigate the symptoms.

    Rushed production, rushed testing, official resistance to therapies that have beeen proven work (remember President Trumps treatment) vs pushing a shot that will enrich Bill Gates and keep Tony Fauci in power.....

    No thanks.

    And there is no legal recourse when something (thalidomide baby, remember that?) goes wrong.

    Sincerely hope you and yours weather these travails.

    1. Yeah, I guess I am one of the "Bone Heads".
      I don't begrudge anyone their choice, mind you, but the makers of the Covid shot (not a vaccine) admit that it is likely only good for 6 months...and yes, it doesn't keep you from getting Covid, just mitigates the damage.

      I'll prouldy wear the label of Bone Head though.

      Good wishes to you and your family.

  4. Best wishes for minimal impact for Kubota and no onward transmission to the rest of you. Hoping that allergy season will not confuse matters.

  5. From all reports, Ivermectin has a good track record in actual use. No money in it for big pharma, of course.

  6. I get my from www.mainepotatolady.com

  7. Joe, I got sick last week, fever, joint pain, shits. Tested negative for SARS-CoV-2, so just the regular flu?
    It's 25$ for pin prick antibodies test at king soopers. Guess I will go waste 25$ and find out. I am a bonehead wop, so no shot's for me, yet.

  8. Best wishes to Kubota for a minimal illness and a full and speedy recovery.


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