Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Another day crossed off the calendar

The roofers were a no-show.

I got a call from The Boss. A church in Kalamazoo (seventy miles away) had an issue with their roof.

The Boss's right-hand man had a doctor's appointment so The Boss grabbed the crew-leader and crew who were working on my roof and took them down to Kalamazoo.

So if a congregation gets sprinkled by water coming through a leaky church roof, is that technically holey water?

Overwhelmed by sloth

I mowed the yard with the push mower.

I moved the cattle to a new paddock. I saw the first swallow (bird) of the season while moving them. I am uncertain regarding the species. I think it was just passing through.

I drove into Lansing and bought a couple pairs of running shoes. $49 a pair for New Balance 481s. 

My feet do well in New Balance and they seem to hold up to the pounding that fat, old men put on them. Some other brands are much lighter but they don't hold up.

Out-of-Battery mysteries

SAAMI chamber drawings show rifling starting a nominal 4mm (0.160") from the step that head-spaces the brass. This photo clearly shows the rifling starting at that step where there is supposed to be free-bore.

Witness marks on a round that kept the weapon out of battery. The two bite-marks are from where the projectile ran into the rifling.

I fiddled with a Taurus Millennium G2. The problem is clearly rifling that extends too far aft. I don't know how common that is in Tauras Millennium G2 barrels, but projectiles that are "into" the rifling when fired can cause pressure spikes.

In a perfect world, a reputable company like Lone Wolf Barrels would offer to run a throat broach into the barrel to produce a combat-friendly free-bore. I would GLADLY pay $40 plus freight both ways for the service. Just sayin'


Coming along.

Canning supplies

Slowly creeping back into supply. Our local Ball-Fart has jars but no lids or rings.

The mice will play while the cat is away

With Mrs ERJ away we flaunt our independence. 

We made sandwiches with WHITE bread and ate them.

I had a long phone conversation with her today. She has been gone a week and is still settling in.

They made an expedition to The Big City to take her sister to a specialist. It was harrowing. The traffic. The parking.

It was the wrong specialist. Wires had been crossed and she was sent to a specialist in issues she did not have.

Somehow, I have no doubt that their insurance company will get dinged anyway.


  1. Hi ERJ,I've seen this same condition in a G2 with 147 grn XTP's loaded towards their maximum length. Wouldn't go into battery,hard time getting the round out.Worked fine in other 9mm handguns. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and stories.Allan

  2. I had a Taurus PT-111. It had FTE and FTL issues. I originally thought it might have to do with the PMC ammo we were using or that my weak wrist might have had something to do with it.

    I broke it down and cleaned it real good, put it back together and test fired a few rounds through it. I took it down again to clean and somehow the slide got locked up and wouldn't budge. I did everything but take a BFH to it.

    Stuck it in a closet and had to take the wife to the store to buy another side piece. She chose a nice little G43. Just recently, I took the Taurus back out to see if being punished by being stuck in time out for four years, it would decide to let me fix it. Took it to a gunsmith and he said no dice, but to call Taurus and if they could fix it. I did and they won't, but they did send me a prepaid fedex lable to send the pistol in to be destroyed and told me that when stock became available, they would send me a new G2C with two 12 rd mags to replace it. Evidently there was a recall on that model and the remedy was just to replace them. I guess they are manufactured in Brazil and maybe there's a moratorium on imports because of covid still?

    It's not like I HAVE to have it. She has her G43 and I have my S&W mod. 5906 for winter carry and a G26 for summer carry.


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