Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Boneheads and super-connectors



I don't think most people who choose to not wear a mask or choose to not get "vaccinated" to be boneheads.

This bubble chart is a visualization of "Grandma Alice's" social connections for the week. Many of the connections are so fleeting as to not count. Each week looks much like the last. Very few new people rotate into her life.

Grandma Alice refuses to wear a face diaper or get the vaccinations. I don't consider Grandma a bonehead.

This bubble chart is a visualization of Amanda Grogbottom's weekly interactions. Amanda is a social, college-age girl who likes to go to parties. Amanda does not wear a face diaper and has no intention of getting the shot. One notable difference between Grandma Alice and Amanda is that there is very little overlap between the people Amanda meets from week-to-week.

Depending on the nature of the parties, Amanda might be a bonehead. If the parties involve sweaty slam-dancing, passing a doobie around, multipartner sex, people puking all over the floor and then dancing in it, and fisticuffs, then Amanda IS a bonehead (especially because she didn't tell ME about the party). If the parties are outside and involve sledding down hills or playing disc golf...probably not.

I don't know if this post clarified anything but I met Mr B and don't think he is a bonehead.


  1. Thank you for the compliment

  2. As a "stay-at-home-Dad", I presume that I would be the first bubble chart.

    Further, I would presume that my wife would be the second as she works in a nursing home.

    So, why have we decided to not get the shot? My wife is a registered nurse, who worked infection control and education at her previous job. She keeps up with all that jazz from the CDC, etc etc, even though she is now in the less stressful (LOL!!) position of a floor nurse; and also, has seen first hand the "few" negative affects of co-workers reacting very negatively to the shot. Oh, and she had it last fall - so natural immunity. My reason for not getting the shot - I'll trust my wife before I trust some politician getting campaign contributions from big pharma.

    I was going to recommend googling 'medical professions refusing covid vaccine'; but doing so brought up so much pro-vaccine stuff I thought I had dreamed reading the original articles. Finally found this way down the lists of hits under the "News" search:

  3. They age-restricted the video. The video of the television news report.


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