Monday, June 1, 2020

Why do public employees in Progressive strong-holds need unions?

If Progressive control is a sure path to utopia, then why are virtually all employees of Progressive cities and states unionized?

Who would know better about the universal benevolence and wisdom of Progressives then the people who live in and work for municipalities that have been under Progressive's benign rule for multiple decades?

If the tools of the Progressives, the employees of the State, find union protections mandatory, then how can we believe the claims of the Progressives that we can trust them to do our thinking, our choosing, our educating and our defense?


  1. The unions were one of the tools the progressives used to gain power. They were there first. Also the owners of the unionized companies wanted it that way because with a union they do not have to deal with employees as individuals. The union handles all of that. And most importantly there is more money as most states, including Michigan, have laws that require union companies to do most public work. Most job bidding is a farce as the companies take turns having the low bid and the others purposefully bid high. I have seen this first hand and had a family member that worked for a highway contractor in Illinois that started building concrete forms for specific jobs a couple years before the jobs were "bid". "One hand washes the other". This is why the Deep State hates President Trump.---ken

  2. Replies
    1. Sort of.

      By pointing out something that is inconsistent I hope to create dissonance. Then the last question is posed in a way that suggests the way to eliminate the dissonance is to recognize that the benevolence of Progressives is blatant lie of convenience.

  3. The unions in Democratic stronghold exist to protect the union members from the graft of the Democrats, with this exchange: Votes for protection.