Monday, June 22, 2020

Fake News Friday: Defunding Pro-Sports to reduce violence

Led by Minneapolis and New York City, the trend to defund Pro-Sports is picking up steam as cities across the nation re-evaluate the billions of dollars of subsidies they give to professional sports franchises.

"Every time a pro athlete is convicted of assaulting a romantic partner, we defund the franchise by 20% and donate that money to programs supporting battered women" Bernice Gravely said. "It is unconscionable that the City of New York is subsidizing the hero-culture that leads grossly overpaid athletes to believe that they are above the law."

Not to be outdone, Alex Occupy-Waleed submit Federal legislation that all Universities be defunded by 20% every time an athlete robs a convenience store and the monies be used to fund grants to small business start-ups.  "These athletes are official representatives of their respective universities and colleges. To do nothing is to condone violence against the small-business owners who have invested their lives in serving communities; bringing wholesome foods and refreshing beverages to the hard-working masses."

"Universities are partners in this lawlessness and MUST be held accountable for the damage their official representatives do to the community. Not only are the small-business owners and employees damaged, consider the values those official representatives communicate to the young people who look up to them as role models." AOW continued.

"We need to re-level the table. That middle-Eastern or Asian family is trying to feed themselves by running a gas-station/convenience store/pawn shop. They are the true heroes. It is past time to un-tilt the table that favors spoiled children." AOW concluded

Fake News Friday: News before it happens! In this case, you are getting FNF on Monday. Talk about early!!!


  1. I quit watching professional sports several years ago because of many small signals that they were sending me. Things like being anti-gun, promoting various liberal causes, and worshiping at the alter of heavy pigmentation. I understand that most of the NFL players are black, and that baseball has mostly black and hispanic players, and that the leagues must not offend THEM but they have gone way beyond that and have been pushing liberal causes down our throats. No thanks.I even quit watching my beloved baseball.
    The same is happening to college sports. And I am hurting. I love my local State football team. I have been a fan for over 50 years. But I am losing my affection day by day. Why ? Well, some virtue signalling, of course, but the main reason is that the University recruits and attracts the WORST kinds of people to be students there, and I believe that college students were a big part of the riots that they had in the city where our state University is located. One more thing- our University has a big lobbying effort for liberal causes in the state legislature. This, in addition to the enormous expense of supporting the university for the taxpayers of our state, Makes me feel that I can no longer support it.

  2. I abandoned pro baseball the year the players struck & killed the season. They care more about themselves than they do about America. Screw 'em.

  3. "They care more about themselves than they do about America"

    Go thou and do likewise.

    Patriotism is love of the Patria: the land its people and their customs, not the bread and circuses provided by the looters.

  4. I can't boycott what I do not participate in. However, I am onboard with the idea of defunding professional and college sports. I see no good reason why taxpayers should be forced to contribute to what is in essence, just another form of entertainment. If the gate receipts, and television advertising and endorsements don't cover it, then as far as I am concerned it can all go away.

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