Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Memes are powerful

Somebody mailed me a basket-load of memes. Normally I would not address them but these are unique times.

Strawman: Riots and violence never solved anything
Response: Riots and violence got you every right and privilege you now enjoy.

My take: The framers of the Bill of Rights did not compose and pen the document in the midst of a riot. Rights and privileges are defended by the threat of escalating violence upon those who would infringe upon them.

Some people use the analogy of a bicycle where the driving force (the back wheel) is raw emotion but the direction and final destination are determined by intellect and rationality (the front wheel). Unicycles are hard to ride because it attempts to accomplish everything with the equivalent of the back wheel. Personally, if I want to get somewhere in a hurry, I favor a bicycle.

Strawman: Why can't they be peaceful
Response: Being peaceful gets demonstrators nothing but targeting, ridicule, and memes.

My take: If "effectiveness" is the only metric that matters, then the KKK is an organization you will love. When you choose a set of rules, you must consider how it will feel when you are on the other end of the equation. The pendulum swings.

Strawman: If people are peaceful then cops will not shoot/murder/mace them
Response: Videos show cops killing peaceful people, including kids

My take: There are bad cops. No argument. There are also young cops and scared cops and cops who sometimes make really stupid decisions. And there are people who edit videos to tell their story. The best way to avoid falling backwards while protesting (and wearing flip-flops) after being pushed by a cop is to not be there. Remember Remus's cardinal rule: Stay away from crowds.

Strawman: but looters!
Response: Agent provacateurs, white supremacist and cops.

My take: Your proof?

Strawman: but businesses!
Response: They have insurance

My take: Insurance policies typically have riders buried on page 23 that do not insure in the case of riots and civil unrest. For those businesses, the losses will be totally borne by the business owners.

This meme was written by professionals and is finely-honed. First, get the reader to agree with every statement they made and then they bury the hand-grenade in the last point after the readers are conditioned to agreeing with the diatribe. Very clever. Very, very professional.

Suppose you and your boyfriend rode his classic Fat-boy Harley-Davidson with the custom paint job down to the "demonstrations". Further, suppose somebody immolated the bike while you were striking blows for justice.

You just tell your boy-friend "No problem. Its insured." and it is all good. Let me know how that works out.

A small business owner (who is likely from Jordan or Uzbekistan or Korea) has a hundred times more sweat and life-energy invested in his or her own business than your boyfriend has in his "bike".

Oh, and about insurance: Even if the policy does not have a rider, the insurance companies do not lose money in the long run. They adjust rates based on new data. Premiums go up. IF the business owners decide to rebuild and restart, those bananas that cost 29 cents a pound at Walmart in the suburbs will cost $2 or $3 a pound at the Food Cubby on the corner of MLK and Caesar Chavez Ave....if they have them.


  1. They appeal to emotions more than logic - which is what many people have pushing for our legal system to do, unfortunately.

    1. Ive been looking at Why cant I REason with lefites, using Logic,,
      I saw an article hat posited they are running on emotion,, the things They Believe are Thoughts, are actually Feelings,, and Ive watched in amazement as I tried to get people to modify their behavior, knowing they were doing what they were doing out of an emotional response to a past event,.. They would not be swayed,, even after I had them visit professional financial counselors,, their spending pattern would not change..

      Ya just cant argue with Feelings,, They hafta suffer REal pain, as the result of their decisions, more than once, before they start to THINK about what they are doing..

  2. The ONLY solution to police murdering citizens (I am not talking about police killing in self-defense) is for the so-called good cops to turn in the bad cops. Will the problem of police brutality and cops killing citizens go away until that happens ? NO.

    1. At the risk of sounding argumentative, it has not happened yet. It is optimistic to think it will change for the better unless there is a tilt in the incentives/disincentives. Law enforcement have very strong in-group/out-group ties. Long hours, stress, shared experiences and so on.

      That is why I think every cop having to pay insurance out of their own pocket has merit. Vehicle insurance gets some of the bad drivers off the road. Why would it be different for cops who victimize the people they are supposed to serve?

  3. I dont see any hope for real Internal POlicing, Good Cops driving bad cops out, until the lawsuit settlements start coming out of the retirement account, instead of the taxpayers pockets.
    I Can spell,, I just suck at typing,,