Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Bella made me proud

Belladonna made me proud last night.

Bella is 23 and has a strong sense of right-and-wrong.

She is currently between romance interests.

I asked her if she would consider dating a man who had a bumper-sticker on his car/truck that was not in alignment with her beliefs.

She gave it a couple of seconds of thought. "If I found him interesting, I guess we would have a conversation about why he chose that bumper-sticker. I would want to know the details of why it appealed to him."

I was pretty happy with that answer. One of our older kids put a bumper-sticker on the back of Mrs ERJ's vehicle. That aggravated me. I like leaving our vehicles plain-vanilla and the bumper-sticker is not one that Mrs ERJ or I would have chosen.

Even if Bella decided the guy was not worth dating, she will get a dose of how he thinks about things. That fleshes out the universe of alternatives.


  1. Before Obama was elected the first time, someone stuck a bumper sticker supporting him on my car. It ruined the paint in my bumper when I removed it. Wish I could of found out who was involved.

  2. No stickers or decals. And especially no stickers/decals on a stranger's car.

  3. US Flag is the only thing I've got on mine.

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    1. My sole bumper sticker says "All right, joke's over -- bring back the Constitution". I get a compliment on it from a stranger about once a year.

  5. Much as I would like to shout out my disdain for the state of the country, prudence demands stealth mode until the time for stealth is over. As far as that kid tagging the wife's car, hand 'em a bottle of GooGone with instructions to fix it and never, ever do it again until the vehicle is one that's in their name that they paid for.