Friday, June 26, 2020

Thunder and dogs

Storms rolling through tonight.

We need the rain.

Hercules, the fearless defender of Belladonna is terrified by thunder.

He crapped on the living-room carpet. We have one piece of carpet in the house. It is about 12' square. Herc is about 80 pounds and his fecal deposits are proportional to his size. Herc's aim was impeccable. Not a single turd missed the carpet.

Bella cleaned it up. She was not impressed by his aim.

Then Bella had the idea. "Let's give him a 25mg tablet of  diphenhydramine."

Did I mention that Bella is trying to get into an accelerated nursing program?

Eventually, she got the tablet down the quaking dog's gullet. Wrapping it with a warm slice of American, processed cheese-food did the trick.

Herc is sitting beside my recliner as I type. I can hear his rate-of-panting slow.

It is going to be OK.


  1. IF your dog will drink beer (some won't, some love it) give him a half can before the thunderstorm.

    1. The pooch loves milk. I will have to see if he notices a half-shot of whiskey in it.