Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Clouded Leopards

Best camo ever!

The human eye/brain constantly spins through ambiguous information looking for patterns. Sort of like a roulette wheel looking for the marble to drop.

The silhouette of some animals are very distinctive: A standing human, a crouching leopard, a stalking jackal.

The reticulated pattern of the Clouded Leopard changes a crouching leopard into a fallen, morel mushroom or a rounded, spalled rock.

A magnificent thing about the Clouded Leopard pattern is that it can be done with two colors and a tiny bit of shading or blending.

Part of what makes the human form distinctive is the "vertical-ity" and "T" shape of our shoulders.

I really want to get a few T-shirts and mess around with them. Good, cheap fun.

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