Monday, June 22, 2020

Dis, Dat and Da udder ting

Quote of the Day:
"I have a very simple religion. Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable."  -Mike Jarous

4.8 miles today. I started running this morning and then saw it was trash day. Back to the house.

I started running with music. I made it twenty-five yards before realizing I cannot hear traffic coming up behind me. I turned off the music.

I saw some "heirloom" roses blooming. They were tucked beneath a sugar maple on the west side of the road. They only get two hours of sun every morning, and yet they bloomed.

I got to my turn-around point. I paid my respects to what I had come to see and then I ran back.

Canning jars
The local stores still have some, but the supplies are getting sparse. The internet has canning jars for $2 a jar which is twice the pre-Covid price. I think scalpers are in play.

Maybe supply will catch up with demand. Maybe it won't. Be an adult. Make a plan.

I called a local Scoutmaster who I know. I suggested that setting up a Facebook page to find unused canning jars in folk's basements and garages might be a spiffy Service Project for the right Scout. The church this troop is affiliated with has a food pantry and that would be a good way to distribute the jars. I was thinking $8 a dozen for jars in good condition for the folks donating and $10 a dozen for the folks who want to purchase.

This might be a very good year to clean out some basements and garages.

Eaton Rapids is in the upper-right quadrant.

Rain formation appears to be heading our way. I have an order in for 2".

I planted the honeydew melons. I had three flats of 36 each.

I had a few left over. Belladonna was delighted to use social media to find friends who wanted my extra tomato plants. I suspect she won't have any problem finding homes for these honeydew melon plants.

Fireflies and red raspberries
Today marks the first, ripe, red raspberry. I gave it to my bride. I considered it an investments.

I saw my first firefly (aka, Lightening bug) of the season when I went to get the dogs tonight.

Summer is here!!!


  1. I saw my first firefly three days ago, according to an extension agent there is about one day of growth (apples) for ever ten miles north you go. If it holds true for fireflies then you are thirty miles north of me. I am about 4 miles north of Marshall that works out pretty close.

  2. Layman's is currently backordered on canning lids. I have enough for this year but have my order in for next. I heard that Wal-Mart was spotty on availability about a month ago in Minasota from another blog. May have to hunt for lids for those basement jars!

    1. Have you tried tattler lids?


    2. Got 24 dozens wide mouth from Layman's today for about $101 or about $4.20 a dozen. The regular mouth are still in back order but they come in 29 dozen kids for the same price. Tatters come two dozen for $19.95. My wife looked at Wal-Mart on line and they were going for $9.95 a dozen. We haven't worked with tattler lids
      but they do have different instructions for tightening the lids

  3. Big score on Saturday at a yard sale. We got an old model 7 all American pressure cooker. I can't find the date code but that same exact canner became the 915 in 1978. Canner and two small totes of what appear to be brand new jars and lids for $20.
    And it took a while but my wife and I canned a batch of sweet pickles today. We only used it as a water bath but we got our operation kinda sorta figured out.

  4. Running and knees - just don't get along.

  5. There is not much better for breakfast than toast with raspberry jam on it ! *mentally planning tomorrow's breakfast*