Wednesday, June 17, 2020

More garden pictures

Stupice tomato. Gatorade bottle for scale.

Polish Linguisa
I told Pawpaw that I would post pictures of my tomato plants (42.5 degrees North) if he posted pictures of his.

He did.

First planting of sweet corn

Second planting of sweet corn

The potato variety being rescued

Russet Burbank. Somebody needs to get that tiller started.
Bella's handiwork
Taller plants on the left, shorter on the right.

Mounded, taller in the middle.

This is when your dad is a jerk and he buys kale plants for you to landscape with. Nicotiana in the left-background. It should smell nice, especially after sunset.


  1. In east texas everything's almost harvested now. Just tomatoes, peppers and onions left in the garden. And cucumbers for pickling.

    1. NE Texas here.
      Potatoes and onions pulled about 2 weeks ago (planted Feb.), 21 quarts green beans canned and will be picking and canning more today, squash and zucchini still producing but not as much as earlier, okra is just starting to flower, collards are doing well, fried up some green tomatoes a couple of days ago waiting for them to start turning red, eggplants are starting to produce, peppers are starting to turn red, melons are starting to appear, winter squash is starting to ripen, carrots are doing well.


    2. Oh, picked what was left of my peaches yesterday, some sort of brown mold or fungus just about wiped me out. Figs are looking good, maybe another week or two before they're ripe.



  2. If you are so inclined, send some photos to

    I will post them as a "guest post".

    Of particular interest are things we cannot grow up North, figs, citrus and such.

  3. Very nice. I don't have the room for a garden. sigh