Thursday, June 4, 2020

Nothing demonstrates the value you place on the life of your people

Nothing demonstrates the value you place on the life of your people than to stage a photo-op of you confronting the police while using your two-year-old child as a human shield.

You should be so proud!


  1. Big man hiding behind a little girl.

  2. A pic with no context. Why is that donut cop pointing a big gun in the guys face? Does he think he is a threat holding a little girl? Why do the other cops seem disinterested? Photoshop? Staged?

    1. At the time the photo was taken: "It was a peaceful protest and, yes, there were looters down the street that were doing God who knows what.

      'There was a lot of looting going on but not everyone was there to cause a ruckus, you have stupid people doing that but we were there to stand up for the people.'

      'A lot of people might think I put my son in danger by being there, but I know I wouldn't let anything happen to him...'

      "Fireworks (were) hurled by demonstrators explode next to police officers during the demonstration "

      'I'm a great father and I take care of my son and I'm raising him to be great,' Dontae told The Sun

      As a parent, only the most dire of circumstances would justify the risk of approaching three policemen during a "demonstration". For example, if the cops were standing in the doorway of an urgent care and my kid had been stung by a bee and needed an epipen or he would die.

      Anything short of that speaks of a colossal ego and abysmal judgement. Your opinion may be different.

  3. Take him into custody for endangering the child's life, and take the child to CPS. Problem solved. If the leftists can use Lawfare as a weapon, I guess we normals can too. That is, if there is the will to use it, and assuming the district attorney isn't on the side of the rioters.

  4. I will also be the angle and use of a telephoto lens were selected to make it look like the cop with the grenade launcher was pointing directly at the idiot's face. Looking closer he is aiming downrange and is 5 feet or more behind him. Relative hand sizes is a tell.

    Staged and manipulated.

  5. Camera Perspective. I should have seen it.

  6. Am I the only one who noticed that the child is NOWHERE near the "dad's" gonads?

    And, wouldn't a pelvis shot immobilize anyone who was a legitimate "rubber bullet" target? ("OOPS!")

    Two problems solved at once.