Saturday, June 27, 2020

Washing machine is not working

Half the size of a postage stamp

I am grumpy this morning.

Our washing machine went Tango Uniform yesterday.

I confronted the suspect and he claimed it washed his clothes just fine, so it could not have been him that broke it.

Mrs ERJ presented a broken piece that she found. It was part of the latch mechanism.

It seems likely somebody was a hurry and opened the lid to the washing machine before it was done spinning. If brute force does not work, they you probably are not using enough of it.

Nanny State Intervention
Appliance companies are eager to appease the eco-terrorists who run the EPA and Energy Department.

They strive to get gold stars and A+ for energy efficiency.

To do that, they load their offerings with sensors. In this case, the high spin speed needed to reduce the energy consumed to dry the clothing necessitates a sensor to ensure the lid is locked.

Of course, hanging clothing on a line outside uses virtually no energy, but all assumptions are for maximal user laziness.
>PA means the part is made of polyamide more commonly known as nylon

A kid yanking up on the lid will snap the nylon locking tab. The electric solenoid has sensors to ensure the tab is engaged.

The washing machine will not run if the tab is broken.


The replacement part is $61 but delivery takes two weeks.

I want to hit my head with a hammer. Totally stupid move by SOMEBODY that broke a part that is unnecessary. There is no work-around short of purchasing a new, fragile part and installing it. The washer will not run even with ZERO spin speed selected.

The universe is conspiring against people smart enough to not open equipment while it is spinning. We end up subsidizing the people who belong in a no-moving-parts, made-of-concrete environment.

Bonus Link
A guide for adhesive bonding various types of plastics.


  1. You couldn't fool it by putting the broken piece into the solenoid? ---ken

    1. I don't know. I am disgusted with the whole sequence of events.

      The tab is part of the solenoid. I think the solenoid has a position sensor on it so it doesn't actually see the tab, it sees how far the core stroked.

      I don't have a hot-melt glue gun. Hot-melt appears to be the glue-of-choice for nylon. There is very little broken area so the bond would be extremely weak.

  2. Man, in 2 weeks a fella could get and set up a 3d printer maybe...

    Would run more than 60 though

  3. Can you bypass the sensor with a jumper wire? If it's got a resistance value then use a resistor that's close in value. BTW, that's minor. It's the designed in flaws that are ugly.
    Example, early nineties full size GM cars had a cruise control issue. If the center stop light burned out the cruise control became inoperative. And following the diagnostic trouble tree would lead to control module replacement to no avail... Modern technology leaves A LOT to be desired... Let's just take all the guards off. Natural selection can fix a lot of social shortcomings.

  4. Yeah, then you find that the new part to replace it is "universal" but the correct part, except it can not be mounted. It and its wiring can be run to a box outside but the magnet from the lid has to be put in the box just right and the throw of the latch has to have a stop or the machine gets suspicious. So a however much expensive machine is a loss because of a lid latch.

  5. I would hotwire or jumper that solenoid in a heartbeat. My washer, my business

    Stencil a warning on the lid, "Don't open when running, dumbass!"

    1. Rofl... Warnings don't help! They just make the laughter better because then you can say
      "hey dumbass, there's a warning sign right there... I bet you're glad God made breathing a reflex!"
      Then give em the eye role and head shake while walking away.

    2. markshere2 has the solution, except for the warning on the lid.
      I ordered your book, ERJ.

  6. This suggestion is worth what I'm charging you and may be as useful as a DC politician. Have you seen the ads for the new adhesive that cures the same way as the fillings in your teeth? It uses UV light. It looks expensive but...

  7. Defeat sensor, machine runs. Insert broken part into latch, operate machine, as others have already stated.

  8. Just a note for next time, if any- you might try going to a dealer that sells your brand of washer and buying the part from them. Most dealers who repair the machines will sell you the same part. You need to tell them the model number and the serial number of your machine. It will save you the time waiting for the part in the mail. Good luck.

  9. I guess no apologies were forthcoming after acceptance of responsibility. That's too bad. Do you have a washboard and tub for educational purposes?

  10. Cheaper here and maybe quicker too:

  11. Thermoplastic welding? Heat up something like the end of old hacksaw blade good and hot. Use it as a homemade soldering iron. Get both edges of parts to soften and fuse together. After I fixed stuff with diy welder, I bought a Polyvance 5700HT welder.