Sunday, June 21, 2020

CHAZ Leadership hands out participation trophies for agricultural production

Lemme see:

CHAZ agricultural production is based on laying down cardboard (which they do not produce within CHAZ) on top of sod to kill the grass. Then covering the cardboard with compost (which is trucked in from outside CHAZ) to use as topsoil. Then watering (with water that comes from a water treatment plant outside CHAZ) to produce radishes and microgreens.

Get back to me at the end of the growing season and tell me how many people-days of calories the effort fed.


  1. They're educated dontcha know. Somebody in there reads Mother Earth News. Goats and sheep are next. ---ken

  2. Well, I ain'tgonna condemn them for trying to grow their own food. I hope they're ready to learn...