Thursday, June 11, 2020

Tomato trellis

You can click on the photo to embiggen.

Some people collect stamps. Others collect rare coins. Some collect golf clubs, fishing poles or ex-spouses.

It would appear that I collect fence posts.

At least this guy approves of my hobby.
What a tough, little dude. He peed when I started to pick up the fence post he was on. Feeling the unexpected dampness, I looked and saw him.

I decided I could use a different post.

He didn't move.

For the record, the tomato trellis has wooden posts on the ends. A double strand of heavy, orange poly-twine for the top "wire". T posts in the middle and it will get more stakes.

I estimate the height is about 54 inches.

I have miles and miles of lighter weight, orange poly-twine from feeding Sprite's calves on the property. I messed around with various ways of dropping lines from the top wire.

For those who use tomato clips, I plan to train the plants in a "V" with two legs. How many clips am I likely to need for each leg if the top of the support string is about 48" above the ground?

I see very clear differences in growth habits between the Stupice and the Polish Linguisa. The Stupice is more compact and the Linguisa is lankier. I also got a few plants that are clearly neither. People pull tags to read the fine print and then the plants, sans tags, go into the closest flat.

Seen while running
One interesting factoid is that oyster mushrooms will grow on toilet paper substrate. Preferrably, unused toilet paper.
I saw these on a dead elm tree. They look like oyster mushrooms but there are several edible species that are somewhat similar.

Chicken-of-the-woods. Picture from Wikipedia
I don't plan on eating those mushrooms, but I sure wish I knew a good "mushroom guy".

Who would name a heartnut after a hobbit?
It is kind of a big deal when I get the graft of a new variety to "push".
Lehman's Delight. The wire cage is around it because it is low enough for deer to browse.

I don't have any heartnuts pushing yet but several new (for me) persimmons have. God willing, I added Rosseyanka, Journey, Lehman's Delight and Prok. Those scion have growing buds.

I am still waiting on Barbra's Blush and Dave's Candy Korn.

Hope springs eternal.


  1. Tomato clips: usually one per foot of leader including the important bottom one, but one per every 10 inches is nice. I got mine from Teralink -- a box of 4800 for $32 Canadian = $.66 / 100. I use about 300 clips for 12 tomatoes 7 feet tall with two or three leaders plus two cukes in my small greenhouse.