Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Bubba who?

Cognitive dissonance is the realization that two views we hold are not compatible.

The most common resolution of this mental pain is to "forget" or discount the more weakly held proposition, that is, to memory-hole the concept. Or, as an alternative, to simply forget that the incompatibility was ever called to our attention.

A week from now the wokesters will be saying "Bubba who?"

Wallace should just go with the flow and change his last name to "Who?". His Jesse Smollett-like lunge at the brass-ring of fame fell on its face but he can still capitalize on the event.

Imagine, somebody in NASCAR being hungry for glory! Who knew? Or maybe it was Who? knew.


  1. Well, Bubba has had his 10 minutes of it is a race to see how long until he disappears from the circuit for lack of talent.....

    If he was THAT GOOD, he would have made a name for himself already as a driver and not as a african american driver.

    If he lingers, will NASCAR make other drivers let him pass because DIVERSITY....??

  2. Nascar has some egg on its face, a whole lot of egg. Nascar is dying. This is just a hiccup.