Saturday, June 20, 2020

I bet it was quick

I heard the snapping sound of a short in the fence. I went to investigate.

I found the short.

Looking for love in all the wrong places
I think the fence got this one, too. Gravity pulled him out of his original position
Those tree frogs get around. This watering tank is in the middle of a pasture
And has tadpoles swimming in it.
I am sure there is a object lesson regarding the frogs getting whacked on the fence insulators. Maybe: Watershed events are not always apparent to the frogs in the field. What was safe yesterday might not be safe today. Check things out.

Remember, the Thanksgiving Turkey never has more evidence of the farmer's eternal benevolence than he has the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

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  1. A year ago in the spring a tree frog got into the cowling of the window air conditioner of my kitchen. He had it made there. Plenty of water off of the condenser and rain and lots of bugs flying around the kitchen windows at night. Life was good. A safe, secure place to live and all the food he wanted. But at the end of the summer he was too big to get out of the grate he went in through. His easy life had become a death trap. If I hadn't removed part of the cowling to free him he would have died in there. And then I wondered if he knew enough to make it out in the real world after that. ---ken