Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Where did Seven Cows go?

Diligent reader Daniel_Day observed that the first part of the Seven Cows saga is no longer in the Archives. Daniel, there is nothing wrong with your eyesight.

Seven Cows is in the process of coming out as a book.

The editor "suggested" that the free version of Seven Cows be pulled back into draft status while the publishing company recovers the cost of producing the book.

To provide a frame of reference, a professional, free-lance editor charges about $3 a page and the book is approximately 500 pages long. Then there is the cost of the graphics.

Since the publishing company has at least $2000 of labor into getting the book published, I figure I owe them something in return. If the editor "suggests" that I disappear Seven Cows for a period of time then I will comply.

The other issue is that Amazon does internet searches to ensure that the author is not infringing on other's copyrights. Of course they found the on-line version when they did the search and the book's production and distribution was stalled while that was sorted out. My editor said the cleanest way to eliminate the problem was to pull the on-line version.

I was going to announce the book after some minor glitches in the formatting were ironed out. Like every other business, Amazon is operating with missing players and players playing out-of-position. Things happen more slowly and issues are not always solved in the first go around.

So, the most precise answer is that the slightly glitchy Seven Cows saga can be found HERE

If you can wait a week-or-two before buying then the formatting issues will be resolved (fingers crossed).

Kindle version is $5. Paper version is $19 because of the number of pages.

I handled a proof copy. I found it an enjoyable book to open up anywhere and starting to read. That is a happy accident that resulted from the installment origins of the story.

Consequently, it is a great book to have in the bathroom for those four minute interludes of privacy when you have time to read. Another advantage of this book is that it provides approximately 250 sheets of  toilet paper in a pinch.

The second book in the Seven Cows saga is The Shrewd King.

The Shrewd King starts here and is still on the free side.

The first piece of fiction that I put on the internet was set in the Calexit universe.

The start of that story is in Jim Curtis's very fine anthology of Calexit stories

The rest of the story is available on the free side Calexit continued

The editor suggested that if enough copies of Seven Cows are sold that it would justify publishing The Shrewd King. If that happens, it too will disappear from the free side.

While it is a bummer to lose access to free stuff, the convenience of having all the installments in one place is worth something. Another benefit is that all the material evaporates if I am de-platformed. A published book is less volatile.


  1. No apologies needed. Capitalism at its finest. Bought Calexit. Hard for me to believe people really thought that way. Current times sure bare it out. You go for it!

  2. I bought your book when Jim Curtis promoted it, and it's moving up my heavily backlogged Kindle reading list.

    I didn't realized you had a story in Calexit and I'm headed back for a reread.

  3. Didn't know you put it into book form. Bought it.
    Going to have to re-read it.
    I had been putting the installations on my FB page (before I de-platformed myself) and my mom really liked it. Both of my parents just recently moved back to Livingston Co, Michigan (just N. of Howell). I'll have to send it to her.


  4. I hope you make so much money stephen king is jealous and you refuse to hang out with us peons. Speaking of missing authors Remus seems to have missed his bake date. It has been my experience that when he knows he's going awol he passes that info along at the top of the page. My concern is the stats about people that lose a mate. There is nothing I can do short of wait and hope for good news and I realize there's nothing you can do either .

  5. Is this book going to be on the kindle read for free list. I usually buy kindle books from authors like Jim Curtis but it might appease some who are unhappy with losing the archive.

  6. I'm looking forward to buying the print version... which reminds me of something I've wanted to verify with an author: Do you make more on a Kindle version, or on a dead-tree version? I read somewhere that the Kindle versions actually pay the author more.

    1. From the Editor: For the fellow who asked if digital earned higher royalties than paperback, it depends on the number of copies sold. Digital costs the reader less at the outset and generally sells more copies, BUT per-copy royalties are lower because the transaction price is low. So, in terms of gross revenue it generally balances out in the end.

  7. I did not know that you had any books out. I will be ordering them soon. Hooray !