Monday, June 8, 2020

I just installed our new security system at the end of the driveway

A sheet of plywood and a little bit of paint


  1. Definitely takes a bite out of crime....and other unwelcome, annoying trespassers with brochures. ---ken

  2. There's a country neighbor near where I have some land and he put up a sign: WARNING. Dog bites tires.

  3. I had one who was that way. After the second incident with MY tires, we put a fence up around the back yard and she stayed inside it.

    We had a "Tire Swing" about 4 feet off the ground back there, which she would attack and hang from for anything up to ten minutes at a stretch, growling and shaking her head all the while.

    She was a Ball chasing fool, also, and we played ball every evening. I had to buy two cans of tennis balls every week, because one seldom survived two days, but she loved fetching and chasing.

    She's been gone 14 years now, and I still miss her.

    1. Some dogs pass through without leaving tracks in our hearts.

      Others leave big, indelible marks, like dinosaur tracks in the mud.

      Thanks for commenting.


    2. Even little 20 pound dogs can leave big tracks.