Wednesday, June 3, 2020

"Black Lives Matter" is a brand

Things make far more sense when you realize that "Black Lives Matter" is a brand just like Nike, Adidas and CNN.

Who can argue with the contention that "All Lives Matter"?

If it makes you angry, it begs the question: "OK, then whose lives don't matter?"

Are the lives of white people of no value? Asians? Hispanics? Native Americans? Just whose lives are of no value or of so little worth as to make the statement "All Lives Matter" false?

You have to admire the genius.

Large portions of the population ferociously defend the brand value of "Black Lives Matter". And they do it for free.

If you look at "Black Lives Matter" from the perspective of being a brand, then "All Lives Matter" is a threat because it dilutes the brand's value.

Another "Brand" with a similar degree of balls is Planned Parenthood. The most ferocious defenders of PP are Progressives and African-Americans. PP is an agent of genocide with African-Americans receiving abortions at three times the rate of whites.

I wonder how long it will be before we see Black Lives Matter channels on cable, Black Lives Matter greeting cards and car insurance.


  1. An incendiary brand.
    Neighboring Ypsilanti City Township hall has there flag on it's chamber's wall.
    It is saddening. And infuriating.

  2. Actually, black lives DO NOT matter. Otherwise, blacks would not kill other blacks at such an alarming rate. Most blacks who are murdered are killed by other blacks. And blacks kill far more blacks than they do whites or any other race. So I say BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER. Disagree ? Look at Chicago Baltimore, St. Louis, D.C., Detroit, or any other large city with a large black population.

  3. P.S.- I commented earlier that the police must stop protecting and excusing the bad cops among them. Only then will the (good) police get the respect that they deserve, because until they do so, they are just pretending to be good cops.
    Similarly, the black population must recognize that there is a bad element in the black community- namely the criminals. They must quit excusing them by ignoring their crimes and saying "my boy dindu nuffin". George Floyd was a thief and a home invader who happened to be passing counterfeit money on the day of his death. Don't get me wrong- the police should not kill someone while arresting them unless it is in self-defense, but most of the unfortunate blacks who die while being arrested or in police custody are engaged in criminal activity, and the black community must quit excusing the bad behavior of its members and accept some of the blame for itself.