Thursday, May 28, 2020

Who were the other two co-conspirators?

More information is trickling out.

There were four police on the scene when George "Big Floyd" Floyd was arrested.

Two of them were dealing with two additional people-of-interest. An early account claims that the original call involved people passing counterfeit, $20 bills.

In many states, when somebody dies during the commission of a felony or in the events leading up-to or immediately-after the felony, then all co-conspirators can face charges of First-Degree Murder.

Suppose you and two of your buddies rob a bank and then mow-down a granny during your get-away. Bam! Expect the charges to include three counts of First Degree Murder.

Or, if during the commission of the bank robbery, one of your co-conspirators is shot and killed by the bank guard. Same deal, the two surviving parties involved in the commission of the felony can expect to be charged with First-Degree Murder even if one of the survivors was patiently waiting in the car as the get-away least in many states.

So, here is the money question: Are either of the two co-conspirators associated with people of influence? Are either of the two co-conspirators related to the mayor or any city counsel members or congresspeople? Are they related to anybody in the media, local celebrities or race-hustlers? Does their involvement and possible exposure to First-Degree Murder trial cause anybody angst?

Inquiring minds want to know.

When the magician wiggles his left hand, don't take your eyes off his right.


  1. Open the curtains! Roll back the carpets! Turn on the lights! And look to see who scurries for cover.

  2. I can find no references to any co-conspirators anywhere. Where did you find accounts of people of interest ?

    1. I am at Mom's today. I will dig it up when I can.

      The general context is that the other two cops were involved with the other suspects and did not idly stand by the entire time. It was either a PD press release or a statement from the Police union.

    2. Apologies for the slow reply.

      The order of events leading up to Floyd’s death from the Statement of probable cause:

      ...the officers approached the car, Lane on the driver’s side and Kueng on the passenger side. Three people were in the car. George Floyd was in the driver’s seat, a known adult male was in the passenger seat and a known adult female was sitting in the backseat...


  3. We are hearing rumors that Floyd and the cop kneeling on him worked as bouncers at the same night club. They knew each other.


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