Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Is Trump giving Biden a break?

My impression of Trump is that he is a bar-room brawler on the campaign trail.

He hasn't laid a glove on Biden. Sure there have been a few jabs made in passing but nothing like the barrage he unleashed throughout the 2016 campaign on everybody between him and the White House.

Is he being strategic? Is he HOPING for Biden as an opponent and doesn't want to spook the Democrats into picking a less gaffe-prone candidate at the last moment?


  1. Biden has so much baggage and is so weak, it makes zero sense to spend effort on him until necessary. He's an easy win. Its like sending a little league team against the Yankees.

    If the the Ds are stupid enough to run that dimwit, they deserve the Loss.

    "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake"

  2. LOTS of internet chatter ( at least pre-virus) saying the Democrats were going to backdoor someone else in as the Democratic candidate at the last minute. Most chatter early on said Cuomo. I can see Trump laying off Joe....giving Joes base time to prop him up. I don't see Trump doing much until after the convention. I think his team is concerned depending on which minority woman ( if any) that they bring out to run as VP. Further , Joe himself is only Barely running any campaign right now. SO again, Trump really doesn't even need to mention Joe. Joe has to beat Trump as much or more than Trump has to beat Joe. To use your Boxing theme....The challenger needs to land punches and win some rounds or generally the Champion will win a " Decision". Right now neither man are throwing many punches but Trump is clearly leading on the judges score card.

  3. I have a special bottle of scotch saved for a Biden/Trump debate. It would be epic.

  4. I still see a significant body of people who would vote for the devil himself as long as he isn't trump.

    1. The good news is that many in that body did not vote for the devil herself.

  5. Yup, he's not hitting him because he's the preferred opponent.

  6. Good question... And I think he's handling bigger issues, so Slow Joe is back burnered for now.


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