Sunday, May 3, 2020

May 3 Phenology report

Dandelions are blooming. Asian pears and some diploid plums are blooming. Canadian plums are in balloon stage. Mustafabey pear (nominally European) is blooming.  115 Growing Degree Days, base 50.

The ruts in the pasture are filled with trash to slow down erosion.

The swallows (presumably Tree Swallows) are back.

My pasture is slowly recovering from the beating it took last winter.

We were getting ready to move Sprite's cattle. She said they looked restless.

This was Captain's set-up for water. He had the typical toilet-bowl float, automatic shut-off. He also had a "Y" splitter screwed into that. When he moved paddocks he could more quickly fill the stock tank by opening the other branch of the "Y". Then, once full, he shut it off and relied on the float valve.

Incidentally, the tank was full of mosquito wigglers when I dumped it before moving.

Getting the calves ready to move, it became apparent their restlessness was due to a raging case of mange. That is why they were rubbing and pushing the fences.

The Captain poured all kinds of strange substances on his cattle to control mange, including old, used motor oil and cheap vegetable oil. My preference is to give them a solid dose of Ivemectrin pour-on and call it good. This is going to be Sprite's call.

Lucas Machias sent me an article that claimed Ruby Throated Hummingbirds rely on Buckeye (Aesculus glabra) blossoms and Columbine flowers in their northward migration.

I would love to hear from any of my readers if they have those flowering in their area of operation. I would also appreciate the closest large city or a zipcode so I can look up the growing-degree-days.

Being able to predict when the first Ruby Throated Hummingbirds will show up based on phenology and growing-degree-days would be cool.

Strange flag

This flag is a puzzler. I see Irish stripes at the top. A Welsh, rampant dragon near the bottom. A couple of three-legged swastika and two crosses.

Any guesses? Maybe a flag celebrating polytheism or the British Isles?


  1. The Ruby Throated Humming Birds arrive here in the late spring and spend the summer, but I do not ever recall seeing Buckeye or Columbine flowers. --ken

  2. I thought I'd get a report on head bumps.

  3. 49112 ruby thoated showed up Sunday morning May 3

  4. 49112 ruby throated showed up Sunday morning May 3. Forsythias fading, service berry petal drop, peach blossom, sweet cherry blossom, rhubarb ready soon

    1. Cassopolis had 120 growing degree days, base 50. You are right around the corner from Eaton Rapids!

      Thanks for the report.

  5. Been seeing a bunch of ruby throated hummingbirds for the last several weeks feasting on my wisteria.


  6. The 3 legs are frequently associated with Sicily.

    I used to pull TDYs there when assigned to NATO - good food, nice weather, great wine.

  7. Google hummingbird tracker. Lots of data.

  8. Flag of the Isle of Man.

  9. Blue and White is St Andrews cross: Scotland.


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