Monday, May 18, 2020

New Covid-19 vaccine reduces risk to men by 50%

I apologize if the reference is a little bit obscure for city folks.


  1. That's an extreme form of social distancing.

  2. Until you have installed one of these orings on one of your calf's and watched a nut sack go away, it's just a concept.


  3. Oh, being a farm boy I know what those are. My brother and cousin and me would chase each around trying to place one of those on each other...

  4. I spent all weekend banding calves, they walk funny for a few minutes then run off to mom. Sure saves a ton of time in the fall though

  5. Covid enters through the ACE2 enzyme. Do a Google search for information about which tissues express that enzyme. Kidneys, small intestine, lung, and, interestingly, testes.

  6. Mike Rowe's TED talk was about the day he was a hand at a sheep ranch when they were processing that year's lambs... His story is funny as all get out, especially when he talks about the way the ranch owner castrated lambs vs. what the county extension agent thought they were doing..

    One lamb was laying on the ground twitching in pain, the other just got up and ran off...


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