Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Thor and Loki

Sniffing for contraband

Thor and Loki are the "station dogs" at the Marquette, Michigan Coast Guard station.

They are siblings and are Vizsla-Lab crosses. They were adopted through a canine rescue shelter. The station only intended to adopt one but the two were inseparable.

The Coast Guard reports that since these two have been on the job, toilet paper smuggling across Lake Superior from Canada has dropped to zero.

Story HERE


  1. Very beautiful dogs.

    Somewhat off-topic, but speaking of the Coast Guard, I remember many years ago when I was attending grad school at the University of Kansas. KU is in Lawrence KS which sits right on the Kansas River. Being a lifelong river rat, I would go canoeing on the river every chance I got, sometimes almost daily.

    When I first got there, I was asking an old-time local denizen of the river about how strictly the Kansas City district of the Coast Guard enforced things like life jacket requirements, boat flotation, etc. He snorted and cleared his throat with a loud harumph, and said, "You may encounter a lot of different things out there on that river. But I can guarantee you, the Coast Guard WON'T be one of them". And he was right.

  2. Waitaminit. Those two dogs are why I couldn't buy black market toilet paper?
    Not a fan.

  3. Those Canadian Paper Trolls! They have to be stopped. Can they stop the Death Wasp?


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