Monday, May 18, 2020

It could have been worse

New York City officials tell us that their death toll due to Covid-19 is "probably" in excess of 20,000.

Every one of them a tragedy.

But consider what would have happened if 20,000 oil refinery workers had died of Covid-19.

Or rail workers or truck drivers or mid-Western farmers or condom manufactures or mailmen or those fine folks in Benton, Arkansas or...

Ten thousand had died in New York City and everybody agreed "That sucks."

Then one plant that makes Spam closed. Hawaii almost seceded from the Union and all-of-a-sudden, this Covid was real shit.

It could have been worse.


  1. Yeah, it could have been worse. - - The experts could have been right, and we'd never hear the end of it. As it turns out, they were wrong on almost every prediction, by an order of magnitude.

    What amazes me is that people, especially those in power are still listening to them. We've learned a lot over the past two months, and one of the things is that the experts generally don't have a clue.

    We've also learned how to live under the threat of this virus, and we're all a little smarter for it. The eperts need to go sit down, shut up, and let the rest of us get on with living.

  2. Will Rogers observed that "If you think you are important, you ought to try bossing somebody else's dog around."

    New York City, the self-appointed center-of-the-universe, has been catatonic for two months. Outside of NYC, did anybody's life get worse.

    In Michigan, the sub-populations that were monkey-hammered by Covid-19 were A.) People in nursing homes who had no way to avoid Covid patients who were sent back to the nursing homes rather than isolated and B.) The same people who are sure that all rules are The Man trying to keep them down.

    The government did the same-old, same-old. They beat the crap out of the people who were careful and took responsibility and looked the other way concerning A.) the sub-population they created and B.) the sub-population they have never held accountable.

    Yes. You are absolutely right. We have figured out how to live under the threat of this virus. Unfortunately, state officials are neither shitting nor getting off the pot. This could be handled at the county/parish level. Not every decision would be perfect, but the stupidest decisions would get a lot of attention.


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