Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Using Cooper Fitness Standards ---removed by author---

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  1. Yeah, but no matter how you slice it, they should not have been vigilantes and done more than shadow him.

    1. B,
      If the way that you read things and the shaky reporting is correct, then you are probably right. In fact, vigilantes are almost always wrong, save for a few instances, which changes the word from vigilantes to good samaritans.
      I have learned to not judge any of these type of stories before the whole picture is out, and usually that is when either a grand jury has dismissed the charges or after a trial.
      For example, in the George Zimmerman trial, from everything that we were told by the media, Zimmerman pretty much was looking to execute someone, and our good and upright citizen who could have been an Obama, Trayvon Martin happened to fit the bill. But after the trial, and as the truth came out, it was obvious that Trayvon Martin had beaten George Zimmerman badly enough to break his nose, and to cut the back of his head on the ground, which would seem to indicate that Zimmerman was acting in self defense when he shot and killed Martin. Due to the stand your ground law in Florida, Zimmerman was within his rights to defend himself. That of course doesn't mean that he was right or smart to pursue Martin. A gun and a neighborhood watch title doesn't make you a police officer, which it seemed like Zimmerman acted like.
      Now, in the case before us today, with these two men killing the one black man, Arbery, the Covid 19 circus seems to have overshadowed the case, at least as far as I am seeing it. I live in Michigan, the same as ERJ. And I admit that I seldom watch the news media anymore, because it is so much opinion and not factual news reporting. I instead seek facts online from a few sources.
      Given all of my rambling, I have to say, from just the facts so far, these two men don't have my sympathy or support, other than to say that they are innocent unless and until proven guilty. And the press has a moral duty to not try them in public, which is what they typically do in these kinds of cases. I guess these men are lucky that we have a pandemic to take the attention off of them a bit.


    2. What is your level-of-trust regarding the accuracy of the Main-stream Media?

      Did we get the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth?

      Would your opinion change if Ahmaud left the scene of the confrontation and came back twenty minutes later and claimed to have a gun? Perhaps he even had a gun and brandished it.

      Twenty minutes is a very, very long time. The Main-stream Media does not report the news, it sells stories and ad time.

      Do you trust that you have the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That twenty minutes suggests that none of us do.

  2. As to men running perhaps I missed the narrative.I thought that the two men drove a truck to help chase down the young black man?

    1. Well, egg-on-my-face. The video shows a parked truck.

      You can adjust the play-back speed in the tools. I suggest you play it full-screen mode and half speed.

      A man standing in the bed of the truck and a man standing on the driver's side with an open door.

      The man who is initially standing by the open door moves to the front of the truck and appears to be holding a pump shotgun with an extended magazine.

  3. "I instead seek facts online from a few sources."

    What are those?


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