Thursday, May 28, 2020

George Floyd

Section spun 90 degrees from Minnesota event
If George Floyd's trachea was being crushed so he could not breath, then how were we able to hear him speak on the videos?

If an autopsy indicates George Floyd died of a massive heart attack, then the four officers were wrongfully terminated and will be back at work in eighteen months, with back-pay. Then, a month later they will retire under some kind of mutually agreeable "disability" package.

Right now, those cops are probably in Northern Minnesota fishing for walleyes and letting their hair grow out. Their lawyer told them to get out of Dodge. They are staying in a cabin owned by one of their fraternal, law-enforcement brothers.

If an autopsy is not performed, then the four officers will be back at work in eighteen months.

NOTE added later: Prosecutor warns there is evidence that does not support criminal charges for cops. It is purely speculative on my part, but toxicology screens come back quickly and some drugs are associated with heart attacks.

Windshield caved in. Flash-bangs started flying after this damage was done.
You only need to watch the first twenty seconds to get a feel for the mood.

The flash-bang, tear-gas came after rioters smashed police cars and threw rocks, breaking car windows.

Mothers who took their children to a riot and put them at risk of getting beaned with a rock big enough to cave in windows should have their children removed by Child Protective Services.

Stay away from crowds. They are being played.


  1. I stopped watching when I saw a "line" of police bicyclists get pushed back, step by step.
    I'm surprised they didn't just break and run.

  2. The police are in an untenable position.

    Their political masters are using them as pawns to make political statements but have undoubtedly written the rules-of-engagement to prohibit them from responding in the ways they have been trained.

    This will ripen for three years before somebody grows the fortitude to send a whiff-of-grapeshot in rioters' direction. Or, the modern equivalent of a crop-duster painting them with stench-foam and dye.

    Sucks to be a cop. It makes every one of them a helpless victim with a bullseye on their back.

    Things will escalate quickly. It is still May and we have a long summer ahead of us.

  3. Grapeshot? I thought you were against government power after seeing the freak out over covid?

    1. That is a valid question. I will have to give it some thought.

      My initial response is that government has foundational responsibilities: Safe water, good roads, defense against foreign invasion.

      One of those responsibilities, in my opinion, is enforcing respect for private property. That means that somebody cannot move into your house and kick you out. They cannot torch your garage and the contents within. They cannot destroy the tools and facilities you rely upon (unless they hold title to those tools/facilities) to put food on your table.

      There is a social contract in effect. It gets exercised daily. Like all power, that contract collapses when it is not exercised.

      If government will not enforce basic rules of private property, then citizens will either enforce them or will vote with their feet and their wallets. The local governments will find themselves in a death-spiral as the net-producers go elsewhere but the others remain, still expecting their entitlements.


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