Saturday, May 2, 2020

Did you get much snow this last winter?

Michigan puts out their state totals later in the year. Some places in Michigan are still collecting snow fall.

This image shows how much snow Michigan's Upper Peninsula gets. The less snowy parts get five feet in a winter. Parts of the Keeweenaw Peninsula (the ears on the rabbit) regularly get over 25 feet of snow a year. You have to be tough to live up there. Oh, and you better get along with your spouse.

For the record, we got a bit over three feet this past winter.


  1. No sir, don't miss it, not one little bit! This winter we escaped any hard frosts and my mango actually bloomed and set fruit. Now if the Lord sends enough rain I might get to eat my first one.

  2. The is still some in the woods here in the Keweenaw.--ken

  3. You can have it... I'll stick with the warm down here in Texas.


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