Sunday, May 10, 2020

A bad pun

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation once investigated the possibility of endorsing products to generate funding for elk research and habitat protection.

The first product they targeted were off-road tires. They assumed that buyers would flock to purchase tires that were at home from caliche-and-cactus-to-snowy mountains, just like the Rocky Mountain Elk.

The major tire manufactures did a trial project and determined that buyers were hostile to the idea.

Nobody was willing to pay extra to buy tires that went wapiti-wapiti-wapity


  1. that joke just don't hold air...

  2. Coyoteken48 and Gromit are telling you that your jokes are.... tired, Joe.

    1. I admit that it is a retread of a joke about Pirelli tires. I can get away with it because I am re-tired.


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