Friday, May 29, 2020


There are people in my life who are filled with rage.

Not only that, but they are filled with rage because I am not equally filled with rage.

We failed
We told them "Life is not fair".

"Why are you so angry?" I asked.

"Because somebody should not die because they were writing rubber-checks or passing bogus $20 bills."

"Life is not fair." I replied

Glowering waves of rage.

We failed
We told them "Avoid even the appearance of impropriety." Great line. I stole it from the Bible.

"Innocent Black people, especially young men, are detained by the cops all of the time."

"Where? What time of night? Who are they with?" I ask. "I agree that some young Black men are detained for driving-while-black but that is not the norm."


Rage has a place and purpose. It is the over-the-redline, turbo-boost + Nitrous reserved for times of great peril.

Rage should not be the default setting.

Rage is to cut your way out of an encircling pack of wolves. Se feel no pain when we are captured in a rage. Rage is hard on the equipment.

Rage, and it cousin on the other end of the spectrum "catatonia", destroy our agency.

As a Christian, I believe that death is not the worst thing that can happen to a man. Death is inevitable.

The worst thing that can happen to a man is to die while in a state of separation from God.

To live in a state of perpetual rage id give up the last shred of agency and that is to separate from God.

Rage has a place
When the KKK is walking up your driveway. Yup, that is the right time for a man to be filled with rage, to steel himself while he stands between chaos and his family. Whack-em and stack-em. And maintain sight-picture and trigger control with your last millisecond of consciousness.

There is no need to coddle the equipment. You are likely to not have a tomorrow, at least not on this mortal plane.

But to use "rage" as a membership in an exclussive club, to have it be a requirement for some kind of solidarity...Sorry, not for me.

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  1. On the 27th of March I sent an email to State Senator John Bizon about our Governor’s restrictions on Hydroxochloroquine. I asked him where is the outrage over this. Since then we have had the dams bursting and the nursing home scandal. I am not anywhere near the rage mode yet, but it seems that the powers that be want to see us in a rage. Now, just waiting to see what happens next.


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