Sunday, May 17, 2020

Laws are more about protecting criminals than future victims

One of the advantages of being "old" is that young people think you cannot hear them.

Truth be told, that is often the case.

However, a few days ago I happened to overhear some young guys speculating about a Libertarian fantasy where non-consensual sex was not a crime.

I don't think the boys were inherently evil. I think they were exploring ideas using words as young adults often do.

Unfortunately, it occurred to me after-the-fact that a universe where non-consensual sex is not a crime will also be a universe that encourages fathers, brothers, husbands and boyfriends to avenge their wimmin's honor by killing the person who forced himself upon her.

Seen through that lens, laws regarding rape and sexual assault are more about protecting the perp than it is about protecting their future victims.

Imagine a world where a perp must always worry about picking up 115 grains of hot lead in the back of his head. Maybe not today. Maybe not this week or this year. But it is coming. Suddenly, that Libertarian fantasy might not seem like such a great idea.


  1. Most normal people have never experienced a lawless society. But you are correct: It brings out all the very worst in humans. People often forget the distinction between jails and prisons, too. Prisons / penitentiaries are for incarceration of the convicted to serve their sentence and reflect on their wrongdoing away from society. Jails are to protect the accused until they are tried (in theory), and not from the sheriff - from the populace. Empty the jails, the Bad Johns go back to their evil ways (just as we are seeing now) and presto! It's only a matter of time before the citizens revert to 'what works'. Our elected intellectual superiors are playing with fire.

  2. When Shechem raped Levi's sister Dinah, Levi and his brother Simeon got even with Shechem. Shechem had agreed to marry Dinah, and Levi and his brother convince all the males in Shechem's clan to be circumcised so that they can intermarry with Levi's family. On the third day after their 'operations', while they are still very sore, Levi and Simeon attack and kill them all. Talk about adding insult to injury !

  3. "...a Libertarian fantasy where non-consensual sex was not a crime."

    The only thing libertarian about this is where the woman draws a non-licensed, non-registered, no CCW required pistol; and blows them away. And when the police show up, they ask why she only used 2 rounds on each of the aggressors.

    {Or did you mean libertine fantasy?}

  4. Yah, apparently those "Libertarians" were not well versed in the number one rule of Libertarianism- the Non-Aggression Principle.


    When someone DOES initiate violence, well, in this case opinions vary but you get the idea. Hopefully those boys will read your blog post today.

    1. I think these young men learned most of what they "know" about Libertarians from Socialists who hate individual liberties and have a vested interest in presenting Libertatarians as cartoonish, lopsided, monsters.

      Voltaire opined that "Your right to swing your arms ends where my nose begins."

      Never underestimate the ability of opportunist to bastardize the definition of where you nose begins when it advantages them to have it moved.


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