Monday, May 25, 2020

About those "Disaster Recovery Plans"

I used to work for a metal stamping plant. It was a medium-sized plant as stamping plants go.

They had an office that contained their Disaster Recovery Plans. The plan was held in 23, 4", 3-ring binders.

Earthquake? That was in Binder #15. OK, I made that up because I cannot remember the binder number.

Extended utility outage? Binder #3.

Active shooter? Binder #2

Fire? Binder #1

All enterprises over a certain size were strongly advised to have Disaster Recovery Plans and to have them in great detail.

Preserving evidence
It begs the question: What is/was the State of Michigan's Disaster Recovery Plan in the event of a Pandemic/epidemic?

If one does not exist (almost impossible), which Disaster Recovery Plan that predated Jan1, 2020 was most applicable and should have been applied?

Has anybody requested it under the Freedom of Information Act?

Going Cowboy
It can be exhilarating to manage during chaos. The rush is enormous as chaos breaks the binds that hold things in place and you can do impossible things in the fluid times during a disaster.

The downside of "Going Cowboy" is that humans fail at integrating the needs of multiple stakeholders and rarely consider secondary effects when we make plans while the bullets are flying overhead. Those parts of a well-developed plan require time to consider and deferring to experts in other areas.

If Governor Whitmer followed the official, State of Michigan Disaster Recovery Plan as written for Pandemic/Epidemic, then I have been too hard on her.

If Governor Whitmer REWROTE the plan for this pandemic because she thought the official one was "wrong", then she is personally culpable for the thousands of elderly people who died in nursing homes. She is personally culpable for the million bankruptcies that will soon clog the courts. She is personally culpable for the suicides.

Evil-doing; the doing of that which ought not to be done; wrongful conduct, especially official misconduct; violation of a public trust or obligation; specifically, the doing of an act which is positively unlawful or wrongful,

Whitmer (and Cuomo and Murphy) are guilty of Malfeasance if there was a plan and they deviated from it in a manner that resulted in additional deaths and economic destruction.

They are the head of the Executive branch. Executive is based on the word "Execute". They had a plan. All they needed to do was execute it. They pulled a Pelosi and tore-up the plan because it did not suit their political agenda and it did not inflate their egos.

I hope somebody is preserving the evidence.


  1. Wouldn't each of her EOs constitute evidence?
    Where, however, is the will to prosecute?
    So many sheep in this state think she is doing a good job.


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