Friday, May 15, 2020

I typed "Biden" into the search box at CNN

I typed "Biden" into the search box at the CNN website. CNN is one of the more liberal-leaning, pro-Biden news organization.

The first three articles that were listed showed pictures of Trump.

The first headline read "Trump is appealing..."

The second headline read "Trump is winning..."

The third headline read "US-China tensions..."

The fourth headline "...Voters aren't feeling it"

5th "Trump touts reopening" with a picture of Trump.

6th "Dems freak over Bernie Sanders" with a picture of Bernie.

7th "Top 10 Women who Biden might pick" with a picture of Harris.

Had to dig seven layers deep to find Biden's name in the headline and that story featured his potential VP picks.

You have to dig nine articles down to see a picture of Biden.

At this point, Biden is a half-mouthful of luke-warm spit. CNN is trying but Biden isn't giving them much to work with.


  1. Especially since they don't want to tell the truth about his word salad, etc...

  2. Biden had brain salad surgery several years ago. The dems know that Trump will mop the floor with him and I look for a fight at their convention to take the nomination away from him, started by Hitlery. Will be watching ! 🍿

  3. Your results were so surprising I had to give it a try. CNN doesn't carry Joe it seems. NBC, Fox News and ABC all had a lot more coverage. Not all positive but at least coverage.


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