Saturday, May 2, 2020

Governor Retch's VP hopes fading

Trump knows Americans like winners.

Let's look at Governor Retch's performance regarding Covid-19 and see if she is a winner.

To frame Whitmer's abysmal failure, the C-19 death rate for Third-World-Country California is 5.4 deaths per 100,000 or about 1/20th of Wayne County's death rate.
These are the death rates per 100,000 attributed to Covid-19. Wayne County is home of Detroit. Macolm and Oakland Counties are suburban Detroit. These three counties contain 40% of Michigan's population.

Genesee County is home of Flint.

Hillsdale is a small county that is home of a college. Saginaw is an industrial county on the I-75 corridor. Otsego is extremely rural.

If all of the US shared Wayne Counties C-19 death rate we would be looking at 350,000 fatalities and climbing instead of 65,000.

Second set of 7. Washtenaw has a college. The other counties are rural and have small populations.

Forth. Muskegon and Berrien are notable because they have large populations of minorities and they are less than 10% of Wayne Counties death rate.
Sixth. Kent County contains Grand Rapids and is a large, urban county. Ingham is also urban.
It is notable that you have to dig to number 39/83 counties before we match TWC California's deathrate.

Hey Retch, those are not the numbers of a coach with a winning record. Biden needs a winner on his ticket and it isn't you.

Give it up.


  1. The numbers don't matter. The left here think Gov Half-Whit walks on water and is doing a great job "saving them".

    I'd say she's still very much in contention for the VP slot and is certainly acting like it.

  2. That would be quite a gift to the Trump/Biden campaign.

    Americans can tolerate sacrifice as long as there are more wins than losses. Whitmer delivered all the pain and none of the gain.

  3. Are these deaths of chinkypox, or deaths with chinkypox? Your governor wants this to be BAD, to justify her power grab. That might affect the counting.

    Looking at the best and worst counties, we might guess that urban and stupid increase mortality, rural or smart decrease it. We might also wonder to what extent the county politicians' alliance with the governor affects what they choose to count and report.

  4. Well there's a swell building:

    326,800 signatures out of 500,000 required, for recall. Of course at least a few of these will be discardable as prank names.


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