Friday, December 28, 2018

Who is "Ashley Madison" and why is she stalking me?

Don't look to the internet for wisdom.

I, for one, don't have any special insights.

Ashley Madison
 I asked Belladonna to reverse the AM filters to reveal what Ashley Madison looked like before Photoshopping and air brushing. Bella has some skills.
I am being stalked by some chick named Ashley Madison. I think she has multiple personalities. Her picture keeps changing although she always displays magnificent décolletage.

Government shutdown

A massive protest, 18 people by count, showed up to protest the government shutdown. The other 3 million furloughed employees said they would protest if they were paid to do so.
Schumer's people are most impacted by the shutdown: Government employees, food stamp recipients and the like. That makes it Trump's fault for not folding. Huh?

The Stock Market

The market is fishtailing like a 2WD pickup truck on an icy road.

One the positive side our heating oil tank is full, Belladonna and Kubota are home and Mrs ERJ still likes me.

Fun stuff

My friend brought over his AR today and Belladonna shot eggs, chunks of potato and full water bottles. She was spattered with mashed potatoes and mud when we were done. She suggested that an AR would be ideal for the zombie apocalypse.

I might get her one for a graduation gift.

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