Friday, December 14, 2018

Unintended Consequences: Honey, I found another leak...

The water softener was installed December first. We are still finding leaks in our appliances and plumbing.

Some of them are self correcting. The valve on the washing machine became weepy and clothes that had been spun dry at the end-of-cycle were dripped on. It was a case of hard water deposits in the feed line breaking loose and lodging in the valve seat. Eventually the cycling of the valves allowed them to break loose again and continue on their course to the sea.

Other leaks are progressive. The repair of January 2014 (panty-hose and Shoe Goo) became insufficient. Mrs ERJ had a friend come over to help clean the house for Christmas. Mrs ERJ has some excellent friends. The woman used a product to clean the hard water stains out of the tub. The repair started leaking wholesale shortly after that.

Since Bella and Kubota both use that tub/shower I am going to find a large tub at TSC and use it to catch the leak.  Maybe we can make it through Christmas break without my having to shut down the water supply and engage in recreational plumbing with old pipe.

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  1. My sister and brother-in-law had to replace all the plumbing in their house after they installed a water softener. So I'm pretty leery of them even though the water here is very hard.

    And I hope Belladonna is healing well.


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