Thursday, December 20, 2018

Update on Inexpensive, Walmart Walking Shoes

The tops still look good except for a crack in the toe reinforcement in the top photo. These shoes went into service in early September.

The event that triggered this post is that I walked across a picked soybean field and the stubble punched holes through the sole. You can see one of the scars in the lower, mid-photo.

The sole's construction is a 3mm, gummy rubber skin over a foam backing. The foam has very little resistance to puncture.
I like these shoes and want to save them. The economics of the situation beg the question, "How much effort and how many $$$ to save a pair of shoes that cost $20 when new?"

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  1. ERJ,
    Just toss them and buy another pair. Costco sells half height hiking boots that have worked well for me. They are my "off the pavement, never in the house" footwear that assures no manure makes it past the attached garage, where they are stored. I knot the ends of the laces, and they become slip-ons. Rarely are they used for cross country hiking like you have done.

  2. As an old infantry grunt, I know that feet are important. And keeping them operational is worth more than whatever you'll spend trying to resurrect a $20 pair of cheap shoes. If the sole is dead, odds are that the insoles and other internal components are broken down too and not providing the support your feet need. Take care of your feet - so they can take care of you for as long as the rest of your body keeps going.

  3. If you find a pair of shoes you like, buy several pairs. 90 days of hard use for a pair of shoes from a big box store is about all you can expect.