Sunday, December 30, 2018

Violent flash-mobs

Matt Bracken wrote a piece back in 2012 where he outlines a plausible breakdown in social order in the United States. Copy here.

I have a few minor quibbles with the piece. He ignores the young/old axis and, in my opinion, over-weights the correlation between the wealth axis and the urban/non-urban axis.

One thing I do agree with is that "flash-mobs" are likely to be the aggression of choice.

Maybe it is no surprise, but the internet has been scrubbed of nearly all images of violent flash-mobs.  I was merely curious to see if I could visually pick out elements of Command-and-Control.

Are those cop bicycles? Or are those elements of the mob's command-and-control?

Man on bike on right side of photo near the front. There may be others. A violent flash-mob is not likely to have women carrying purses. Anybody carrying a satchel, tote or purse is likely to be an element of the c&c structure. Nor will you see TV cameras in a violent flash-mob.
Bridges are a natural choke point that have been popular with protestors. Very difficult to get an effective defilade angle because of elevation and lack of positions but it is a kill sack for the enfilade position. The guy on the bike is in the upper left corner. They seem to like corners....
Maybe I am over thinking the bike thing. Or maybe I am not.

It would be interesting to watch some time-lapse video. That is the best way to find the queen bee.


  1. Suppressed .22s just saying... :-)

    1. Nah. I used to shoot a 35mm camera but switched to digital.

      Suppressed...that's the thing around the lens to get rid of sunspots, right?

  2. I recall reading the Bracken article when it was first published - thanks for the link. It holds up on the re-read. My question is how much preparation is in place now for the riots/mobs? I think the caravan has shown us that tyranny is very well organized.


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