Saturday, December 22, 2018

Getting old is not for sissies

As a youth I was susceptible to acne. That was back before General Practitioners and Dermatologists handed out Doxycycline wholesale. Now kids in sixth grade compare when they get their prescription. It is a right of passage.

One advantage of something like acne is that it is a canary-in-the-coal mine regarding excessive fat consumption. It meets the requirements of a good signal. It is impossible to ignore and it is sensitive.  Impossible to ignore and sensitive except when we ply kids with antibiotics and isotretinoin.

So I try to look at my first bout of hemorrhoids in a positive light. My body is trying to tell me something.

The most likely culprit is lifting heavy things. Yeah, I know...any competent man ought to be able to lift an 80 pound box, flip it onto his shoulder and carry it up the stairs and put it down. Then he should be able to pick it back up and carry it down the stair and drop it. Then pick it up again and carry it up the stairs and slide it into the back of the van.

It would not have been so bad if it wasn't in a box. Hard to grab that floppy sucker.

My plan is to spend the next couple of weeks eating lots of bananas and fiber, drinking much water, taking vitamin C and not lifting heavy sh!t. All things considered, having a wake-up call like that just before I am sixty is a good thing. Far better than having an aneurysm blow-out while water skiing.

Do these things ever resolve without intervention? Do NSAIDs like ibuprofen help or hurt w/r to healing? Just curious.


  1. They may or may not, depending on what you do. As a retired aviator, I envy you just now getting them... sigh And I've never seen a positive or negative from NSAIDs...

  2. A big negative for NSAIDs is, as I have gotten older, bruising has become an issue.


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